Interpreting, writing, translation

Interpreting, writing, translation

Integrity Languages offers high-quality conference interpreting, writing, and translation services to clients looking for value added service.

If you are a motivational speaker looking to reach a wider audience, an editor looking for a piece on working with language professionals or a creative business looking to launch products and services abroad, you have come to the right place.

With over 15 years of public speaking experience and more than 2 years as a respected industry columnist in a world-leading publication, I know exactly what it takes to create talks and texts that have a real and lasting impact.

My personal specialisms are:

  • public- and press-facing events such as product launches, press conferences and briefings and
  • public-facing texts such as brochures and corporate magazines.

With my wide network of industry contacts, however, I can help you find the right translator or interpreter, whatever your particular needs.

If you have any queries, feel free to use the contact page, on the menu above.


Jonathan Downie MSc BA(Hons) AITI

trading as

Integrity Languages

Trading as Integrity Languages

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